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Nuestro equipo de Authentik Travel quería agradecerte tu confianza en nuestros servicios para realizar tus viajes a Vietnam, Myanmar y compartir tus sentimientos, experiencias y opiniones sobre tus viajes.

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La mayoría de los comentarios a continuación fueron de clientes en países de habla francesa como Francia, Bélgica, Canadá, Suiza, etc. Sus comentarios satisfechos fueron traducidos al castellano para tu referencia.

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"The nostalgia for the trip is coming back ..."


Do you remember us? Maybe by reading this email and seeing the few photos that I join, you will remember us.

We are GUY and CHRISTINE 2 french of LIMOGES of the company LEGRAND who came in your beautiful country the VIET NAM with the agency LOISIRS AND TOURISM.
And with you as a guide we had a great stay filled with beautiful pictures and great emotions.

How to forget these beautiful visits from SAIGON to HANOI with unforgettable moments like the floating markets, the night train, the Bay of Halong and many other moments. You knew so well how to make us discover the culture, the everyday life VIET NAM, gastronomy, religious and social customs, and of course we can not forget the aspero every day on the bus. Another highlight at the moment of separating in the bus when you have so well sing "BONJOUR VIET NAM" this song, I found it on internet and we often listen to it and the nostalgia of the trip comes back .

We hope that you are well and that maybe we will have the opportunity to meet if you come to France, because I know that JP LESCURE (in the name of LOISIRS AND TOURISM) want that we are all together if you come to LIMOGES ....

RECOIS ALL OUR SINCERES FRIENDS, hoping that this message reaches you ...

Guy and Christine

Aug 21, 2012